Electronic Weighbridges

Regular full length weighbridges with RCC foundation. Most commonly used for weighing large quantities of raw material, scrap & finished goods if it is sold on weight.

Pit-less model enjoys the benefits of less civil work, easy maintenance & no water logging problems.

Portable Axle Weighbridge (Flexi Weighbridge)

In portable axle weighbridges, there is a small platform on which axles of the vehicle are weighed one by one. Weight of all the axles is then added to give total weight of the vehicle. Length can be 0.6m to 2.4m. Width is fixed 2.7m.

This weighbridge finds application in weighing agriculture produces in fields where portability & economy rather than accuracy is of prime importance.

A set of two axle weighbridges can be used to weigh 6 or 10 tire vehicles by adjusting distance between the two platforms.


In-motion Road Weighbridge

They are designed to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drive over a small MS platform (0.7 m x 3 m) placed across the concrete road. As the vehicle passes over it, loadcells sense the weight. The high-end electronics coupled with advanced software captures samples of the weight at a very high speed, calculates the average & records it as axle weight. Axle weights are then added up to provide gross weight of the vehicle automatically.

In-motion weighbridges at toll plazas are employed to differentiate between overload & normal vehicles without wasting time at first instance. Since vehicles need not stop for weighing, it takes no time in isolating the over load vehicle.

In-motion Rail Weighbridge

This is specifically designed for wagon weighing using rail embedded sensors, Weigh-Rails with multi controller technology.

The system consists of two weigh-rails having two sensors on each rail. The sensors have strain gauges embedded in the rails. These sensors have advantage of very high accuracy and stability.

The system can detect different type of wagons to initiate the axle or bogie weighing. It automatically detects different type of engines and eliminates their weights.

High speed A/D Micro Controller is able to achieve accurate weighment up to a speed of 20 kmph. The system is designed to comply with the latest RDSO specifications.

Ultra Slim Weighing Pads

These are machined from lightweight, high strength aluminum. Weight is approx 20 kg & thickness, 20 mm. Two separate weighing pads can be used to weigh individual wheels of an axle. Mainly used in the transport application of determining wheel loads, axle loads and vehicle total weight.

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