Road Crash Barriers

  • Hot Dip Galvanized ensuring longevity
  • As per specifications of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, India (MoRTH)

Hot rolled sections

  • Cold rolled sections have more strength because steel becomes harder & stronger when formed while cold.
  • We have the capacity to manufacture a variety of cold-formed steel open sections.
  • Variety of materials such as CR, GI & CR12 stainless steel
  • Length & Dimensions as per customer’s requirement & tolerance limit
  • Low strength to weight ratio
  • More self-weight require heavier section for the structure thereby increasing load on foundation
  • More wastage since sections are available in standard lengths & shape.
  • High installation time since sections need to be cut to length & fabricated at site.
  • Only standard sections available

Cold roll formed sections

  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • Less self-weight require lighter sections for structure & support. Thus load on foundation is minimum.
  • Available in required length & shapes.
  • Factory finished sections drastically reduce installation time.
  • Sections can be made to meet exact design specification.

Available Sections

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