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About US

Kunal Enterprises is one of the leading suppliers of Electronic Weighbridges, FRP cabins & cold rolled sections. Combining years of experience and latest technologies, we have been able to produce world- class products.

We adopt a stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process in order to ensure quality of product. Our unflinching effort to quality has honored us with the prestigious certification of ISO 9001:2000.

Our Core Values

We believe in basics i.e. hard work, honesty, innovation & sustainability.

We intend to identify customers, understand their requirements & offer solutions at optimum cost. If we succeed to understand customer’s requirement & offer cost effective solution to him, business shall automatically follow.

Our Product

Electronic Weighbridges

In portable axle weighbridges, there is a small platform on which axles of the vehicle are weighed one by one.

Road Crash Barriers

Cold rolled sections have more strength because steel becomes harder & stronger when formed while cold.

Portable Cabin

Colour Inside & outside panels: off white
Roof & weather shade: terracotta
Door (size: 6' x 2'6'): 1 no.

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